Wooden Model Boats

Wooden Model Boats for Sale in Australia

Amazing hands is one of the best top wooden model boat manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney, Australia. All the wooden model ships and boats are hand-made by highly professional experts.

Everyone loves ships – especially vintage and 18th-century types of boats. Something about the design and overall look of these ships makes them appealing. Wooden replicas of these ships are especially popular since they’re small and compact – perfect for decoration and collection.

Amazing Hands has been making different types of wooden models since 2004. We’ve been in the industry for 18 years, and our quality has been the same.

We make wooden boats, wooden plane models and other wooden models. The designs for our boats are inspired by the golden age of ships – the ones that pirates used to board.

Here at Amazing Hands, we make wooden models of different types of good-condition boats. We have wooden boats for sale such as schooners, small sailed tall ships, antique and classic fishing boats, yachts, etc.

All our classic wooden boats for sale are specially handmade by skilled craftsmen and reproduced for mass production (the quality remains the same). Each model is also hand-polished with French polish.

These beautiful models make for excellent home decorations and collections. They are made with high-quality mahogany timber as well as teak or other high-quality hardwoods, so they’re guaranteed to last for generations to come.

Buy our wooden boats for sale, and you won’t be disappointed. We offer free shipping within Australia.

Wooden Model Boats in Sydney

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