Handcrafted Wooden Musical Instruments

Wooden musical instruments are very famous for musicians as tokens, souvenirs, and memorabilia. These tiny wooden replicas of musical instruments are great for home decoration or collectibles.

Musicians are sentimental people; they’d want to keep a memento of the instrument they play. For a musician, it’s a joy when you can carry around a miniature replica of your instrument anywhere you go.

These wooden musical instruments aren’t exclusive to musicians; they’re for everyone with an eye for décor and taste.

Amazing Hands Wooden Models has been crafting these handmade wooden musical instruments since 2004.

Amazing Hands is the leading online distributor of wooden musical toys. Our wooden musical instruments set are finely sculpted and carved by expert craftsmen. All materials used in these replicas are high-quality timbre, mainly mahogany, but when available, we also use teak and other high-quality hardwoods.

Amazing Hands’ wooden musical instruments feature all types of musical instruments – from guitars to drums to woodwind instruments.

If you’re looking for a high-quality vintage replica of your favourite bass guitar, Amazing Hands can offer you a quality set. Browse below and take a peek at the best-carved replicas we have for sale.

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