Wooden Model Planes

Amazing Hands Sydney is the one-stop shop for all kinds of handmade wooden made planes. All the products are handmade by highly experienced and professional artists. Please view our collection below to order online or you can call us or visit our shows.

Best Wooden Model Planes for Sale

We have a good range of wooden model planes including everything from a small-size helicopters to large aeroplanes. All our models are made by hand using quality wood and high-grade paints. They are also very durable and will last for years.

All our planes are made by hand using quality wood and finished with care

Our range includes everything from simple wooden planes to complex multi-plane sets. We also offer a large selection of accessories such as propellers, landing gear, wheels, and more.

What are Wooden Model Planes?

Wooden model planes are miniature replicas of real aircraft, typically made from wood and other materials such as plastic, metal, and cloth. They are popular among collectors and enthusiasts as a way to display and appreciate the beauty and history of different aircraft.

There are many different types of wooden model planes, including scale models, which are exact replicas of real aircraft, and non-scale models, which are designed to be decorative rather than accurate representations. Wooden model planes can range in size from small desk models to large, room-sized displays. However, our wooden model planes are small desk models.

Some wooden model planes are designed to be flown, either as remote-controlled aircraft or as gliders. These models are typically made of balsa wood, a lightweight and strong material that is easy to shape and carve. Our wooden models do not fly and have no machines in them. They are wooden replicas and are used mostly for decoration.

In addition to being a hobby and a form of artistic expression, wooden model planes can also be educational. Many models come with detailed information about the aircraft they represent, including its history, technical specifications, and role in aviation.

Overall, wooden model planes are a fun and interesting way to learn about and appreciate the history and beauty of different aircraft. Whether for display or flight, wooden model planes can provide hours of enjoyment for collectors and enthusiasts.


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