Wooden Model Cars

Wooden Model Cars Sale in Australia

Amazing hands provides hand-crafted wooden model cars for more than 20 years. We are family owned and operated business and all the designs are made by hand.

Wooden carved models were used to bring joy to children during the olden days when plastic toys weren’t invented yet. But even with the boom of technology and new variations of toy figures and models, many still cling to the nostalgia of wooden carvings.

That’s what Amazing Hands offer – handmade wooden toys in Australia that are reminiscent of the good old days. Our antique wooden cars collection features models of vintage cars that complete the antique vibes. We have a variety of wooden cars from wooden trucks to vintage Ford Mustangs. These are perfect for an antique collection or toys for children to play with.

Amazing Hands makes sure that our wooden cars are made with only the highest quality mahogany timber. We also use teak and other hardwood occasionally, but the quality is the same. Our craftsmen are skilled in the art of wood carving and produce handmade models with precision and care for details.

These wooden model cars are intricately made by our craftsmen and reproduced for mass production while retaining the hard-earned quality. It’s perfect for your collection and is guaranteed to last for generations.

Get yours now at Amazing Hands Wooden Models. We offer free shipping within Australia.

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