Wooden Wall Plaques

Wall plaques are fantastic decorative pieces to place in your home or your office. These mundane decorations help liven up your space. Wooden wall plaques are beautiful commemorative pieces that bring a vintage vibe to your home or office.

That’s what Amazing Hands Wooden Models creates; intricately carved wooden plaques of various designs that can beautify your living space.

Amazing Hands’ wooden wall plaques are made by expert craftsmen that sculpt and carve various designs such as dragons, flying eagles, dolphins and other wooden craft shapes.

There are a lot of designs that are fit for wooden signs and home décor in Australia, but Amazing Hands makes sure to create designs with lasting impressions.

Home wooden signs come in different shapes; slogan carvings, sculptures, etc. Amazing Hands offers a lot more design-wise and reasonable prices. These beautiful pieces are good for collectibles and home or work space décor.

Amazing Hands provides handmade wooden toys in Australia that are reminiscent of the good old days. Our antique wooden wall plaque collection includes famous brand logos, landscapes and animal sculptures.

We have a wide range of wooden wall plaques carved expertly by our professional sculptors. Browse through the items we have available below!

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